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Axis Partners

Axis was designed with the customer in mind. We partner with the best in the real estate industry to make sure that the service provided is second-to-none. Our technology partners make sure your application is fast, secure, and reliable.

Angus AnyWhere™ is the most popular commercial real estate web-enabled service and maintenance management software in North America. Leveraging the Internet and wireless technologies, Angus AnyWhere™ provides streamlined workflow amongst building owners, tenants, managers, staff and vendors. Scalable to fit any size organization or facility the Angus AnyWhere™ solution is easy to use, easy to implement and easy to afford.

Building Safety Solutions, Inc. (BSS) is the leading provider of online life safety training, building operations, and emergency preparedness products and services to private and public markets throughout North America. Recognized by the commercial real estate industry as one of the most innovative and quality-driven enterprises, BSS leverages its market experience and technological know-how to deliver operationally efficient programs to its clients.

Microsoft-based solutions help enterprises solve two of the biggest challenges facing large organizations—increasing productivity and building and maintaining IT infrastructure.

AT&T Hosting Services offers an impressive array of flexible and comprehensive web services to help ensure uninterrupted access to your critical data and applications. Designed to provide the utmost flexibility, AT&T delivers a rich portfolio of solutions tailored to meet your needs. Gain immediate access to the AT&T global network and feature-rich performance information and reports delivered via our industry-leading portal. Take advantage of AT&T's proven experience, solid service level agreements, application migration expertise, managed storage services, security services and more.

SiteStuff is leading dramatic changes within the procurement practices of the real estate industry. We help owners and managers of real estate save money, save time and gain control over property operations by aggregating their buying power, streamlining back-end accounting practices, and allowing them to more effectively track and manage data regarding procurement activities