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Web Site

The Axis Portal is accessible through your property’s own custom-branded Web Site— which is created by Axis to help promote the amenities and leasable space. A unique URL for this site will be assigned or we can even use an existing one. All of the Axis functionality is accessible through the Web Site, including the convenience of a single sign-on to access your workorder, preventive maintenance or fire & life safety modules.

Preventative Maintenance

The Axis Preventative Maintenance module (powered by Angus) allows engineers to track the maintenance of all crucial operations equipment and systems within the property. Regular maintenance schedules are then assigned to tasks specific to each piece of equipment— and engineers are notified through the system when the maintenance tasks are due. Reports can be generated and provided to auditors or potential buyers during the due diligence process, or during an insurance investigation following a natural disaster.

Communications Tools

With Axis comes the Message Blaster, which allows you to create and manage a variety of user groups to whom you may distribute your messages. One or more groups may be included in your messaging— which allows you to: customize the message within a user-friendly text box, choose an appropriate background template, and include important attachments. Additionally, you can track your messages to see which recipients opened their
mail message.

Marketing Tools

Brokers can use the Smart Marketing tool to maintain prospect group lists and to communicate available spaces to their prospects. Customer messages can be created, which contain an embedded link back to the leasing area on the Axis Portal. When prospects use the links, their information is captured and stored in a database, enabling the broker to generate a report of the prospects and the pages viewed on the portal.

Fire & Life Safety

Our Fire & Life Safety module (powered by BSS online) is a highly customized online program delivering building management and tenant employees access to critical evacuation, emergency response and disaster preparedness training. It provides 24/7 access, 2D/3D graphics, narration, administration and reporting. With the Fire & Life Safety module, management can increase compliance, control costs, reduce liability and gain peace of mind.

Business Continuity

In the face of a disaster, Axis provides a means for remote access communications, thus ensuring that management is able to keep tenants and owners apprised of conditions and circumstances regarding the safety and/or availability of the property. Because Axis is web-based, managers can log onto the internet from any terminal, pull up the Axis Message Blaster tool and send messages directly to the tenants’ email accounts. Plus, managers can post messages for tenants and owners to see without having to
access emails.

Additionally, documents are kept safe as they
are housed on Axis servers and backed up daily,
thus ensuring that your documents are accessible, even if computer equipment and files on location
are destroyed.


The Axis Workorder module (powered by Angus) allows tenants to place their requests online. The workorder is then routed to the assigned engineer, who is notified of the new request. Once the work is completed, the engineer can close out the order from his Blackberry or PC. Tenants, managers and engineers can track the status of a workorder at any time. A built-in escalation feature notifies the manager of any tenant request that is not promptly completed. At the end of the month, a billable report can be generated for invoicing the tenants for any relevant expenses.

Tenant Handbook

Axis offers an electronic version of your Tenant Handbook. Through Axis, you can access specific content in your handbook directly from a link in your
pull-down menu or through a table of contents. Users will be able to search for or edit content without scrolling through an entire PDF document or having to take the document offline.

Document Management

The Axis Document Library allows you to store a virtually unlimited number of electronic documents online— keeping your office free of unnecessary file folders and documents. The Document Library can also house any type of native file format, whether it be a Word document or a graphic image. File folders can be organized to securely maintain your documents in a fashion that makes them easy to locate, and are visible only to those given permission and a password to access them. You can even use it as a virtual “war room,” whereby permission is granted to a third party user via a link embedded in an email communication. The third party user is granted access only to that document for a limited period of time, thus allowing discussions and/or negotiations to occur after hours or on weekends.

Tracking and Reporting

Axis Portal administrators have the ability to capture useful information and generate reports. Available reports include:

  • Message tracking (through Message Blaster)
  • Prospect activity (through Smart Marketing)
  • Billable workorder requests
  • Preventative Maintenance activity
  • Stacking plan and lease options
    (through Lease Intelligence)

Lease Intelligence

Property managers and owners will benefit from the new Lease Intelligence tool. Lease Intelligence allows a property to create reports and forecasts based on input derived from the property’s lease abstracts. For example, a manager could generate an auto-generated stacking report, expiration report, options reports, rent summaries, and lease information tables. Lease Intelligence will allow managers and owners the opportunity to plan and make strategic decisions without excessive time spent creating manual reports in Excel.

Visitor Security

The Visitor Security module (powered by Angus) offers more security for your building and more convenience for tenants and visitors. Our secure pre-registration process eliminates cumbersome paper visitor logbooks and provides streamlined visitor access management. Tenants log into a secure website to register visitors in advance. Security guards access the property visitor list and utilize intuitive quick search functions and advance heavy traffic alerts to effectively plan for and process visitors throughout the day.